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The Best Breakfast

My very favorite breakfast is super simple. Prepare banana oatmeal as usual.


Take advantage of an almost-empty almond butter jar.


Combine. (Be sure to eat with a long spoon so you can scrape all the almond butter off the bottom and the sides of the jar to get it in every bite.)


Moan with happiness and enjoy your breakfast.



I have been waiting almost two weeks for this, but the happy day finally arrived!

001 - Copy (28)

My Glo bars were delivered!!

003 - Copy (29)

After trying the delicious Glo bars back at the Healthy Living Summit last August, I finally justified the purchase and bought 10 Glo bars with a little Christmas money. I was rewarded today with a beautiful package of five different flavors. So of course, I had to break one out for my afternoon snack.

008 - Copy (23)

I chose the seasonal “Adore” flavor.

014 - Copy (11)

The plan was to eat half now and half later, but that plan flew out the window pretty quickly. These bars are so good! Even better than I remembered. The texture was just perfect, nice and soft. Plus, how can you go wrong with marshmallows, dark chocolate, and homemade graham crackers? Yum.

013 - Copy (11)

Such a delicious snack. Now I have to make sure that I savor the remaining nine bars. 🙂

The healthy bar provided a nice boost before my workout tonight, as well. Today was a chest, triceps, and shoulders day! Plus a little running on the treadmill and about 10 minutes on the elliptical.

I have a crazy busy day tomorrow that includes two exams :(, but it ends with our Team in Training kick-off party! I’ll be back on Thursday with a recap!

A Spoonful of Almond Butter…


…helps the medicine go down! I wouldn’t exactly call this tasty afternoon snack medicine, though.

First, my major accomplishment of the day: I have class at 8:30, so normally I wake up at 7:40 to have enough time to get ready, eat, and make the 15-minute walk. But on this lovely Monday morning, either my iPhone decided to rebel against me by not going off at 7:40 or I sabotaged myself by somehow turning off the alarm while still asleep. Either way, I woke up naturally and immediately panicked. I hate that foreboding feeling as you flip over and fumble for the clock to see what time it is and by how much you are completely screwed. It was 8:14.

I barely had time to mentally thank my early bird body clock for being on top of it today as I rushed around like a mad woman. The result? I left the dorm at 8:19 and made it to class on time. How can it not be a great day after that?

Turns out it did turn out to be a pretty good day, partially thanks to this:

002 - Copy (29)

I mixed plain Greek yogurt and cinnamon, then added a mix of Cheerios with a little bit of granola on top.

005 - Copy (28)

And it got even better with an almond butter spoon!

009 - Copy (22)

I personally love Greek yogurt and almond butter, but this snack mix works with any kind of yogurt, cereal, and nuts. Protein (yogurt) + healthy carbs (whole grain cereal) + fat (nuts) = a balanced snack. Successfully got me from lunch to dinner.

Dinner was quite unremarkable and therefore unphotographed, but I spent a lovely hour with my book (The Happiness Project) and headed to the gym around 7:30. I had planned to do weights today, but scheduling conflicts shortened my workout and I spent a quality 40 minutes doing intervals on the elliptical instead. (While watching The Bachelor. Please don’t judge.)

Then came my post-workout/evening snack, featuring these two lovely ingredients.

003 006

Can you tell I really like almond butter? Probably my favorite food. Good on toast, in yogurt, in oatmeal…plain on my finger… Anyway, it makes a great snack on sandwich thins (which are really just a cross between toast, an English muffin, and a bun) with sliced banana.


A great evening snack to power me through a night of homework. Equally good with apples and peanut butter!


Tip of the Day: Back to my gym workout for a second. I don’t think of the gym as a place I have to go several times a week and be miserable. Instead, I see it as a lengthy break from studying when I get to go with my friends, spend time reading magazines, and watch TV that I normally never watch (aka The Bachelor). If you can just adjust your perspective on the gym, your whole attitude will change and going will be a lot more bearable! Figure out what works for you to get you to the gym more often. Buy some new music off iTunes? Schedule your gym trips around your favorite TV show? Invest in a magazine subscription? (You can get tons of magazine subscriptions on Amazon for like $12, which is a pretty small investment if it helps you get to the gym.) Start thinking of gym time as play time and I can guarantee you will go a lot more often!