Rodeo Run

Since I’m getting back into the Team in Training swing of things, it just gets easier and easier to hear that early alarm clock on Saturday mornings. I bounced out of bed this morning, ready for our six-mile run. Since I knew it would be a good while before I could eat breakfast (~60 minutes of running + a 15-minute drive each way), I wolfed down a Clif Z bar right when I woke up. Actually, I ate it in bed AS I woke up. (Those are my traditional pre-run fuel. They’re tasty and easy on my stomach. And they are a good size at 130 calories each, so I can have half or a whole one before a run. When I get up to running 11 or 12 miles, I’ll have a slightly larger pre-run snack like whole wheat toast with almond butter.)

I felt pretty good going into this run, despite a lack of running this week and a terrible run last weekend. What can I say, the glass is always half-full. 😉 I set out with my great group of TNT buddies in lovely running weather: it hovered in the mid-40s our entire run, with the sun peeking out for the second half. Besides my running capris and T-shirt, I only needed a ski cap to keep my head warm. The wind was a little chilly right at the beginning, but I warmed right up.

I was the group leader and shouted out mile times from my handy Garmin. Check out those negative splits!

Mile 1: 10:42

Mile 2: 10:13

Mile 3: 10:05

Mile 4: 9:37

Mile 5: 9:35

Mile 5-5.9: 8:18 (9:13 pace)

Everyone was super-pleased with the run. Including me because I have not run this far in about…two months? And injury-wise, I felt pretty good. My ankle was a wee bit sore while running,  but my knee was only a little stiff and I iced both. Follow-up doctor’s appointment on Monday, which I am pretty excited about! Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about going to the doctor…

But the best part of our run was definitely the last couple of miles. The rodeo is in town and we got to run along the rodeo parade for a couple miles. Tons of spectators were lining the road we were on, and it was easy to pretend they were cheering for us! 😉

I came home and immediately prepared this bowl of deliciousness. (I am home for spring break right now, at least for a few days until I jet off to New York.) I haven’t had my stovetop oatmeal in a couple months!

022 - Copy (3)

In a pot I combined 1/3 cup old-fashioned oats, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 sliced banana, 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. After a few minutes, it was all ready and I topped it with a little bit of Kashi Heart to Heart, about half a serving of the best granola ever (Nature’s Path Peanut Butter), and a tablespoon of almond butter.

016 - Copy (12)

Mmm…almond butter…

018 - Copy (7)

This bowl was worth the wait. Except next time I don’t think I would mix the granola in with the oats; I’d either eat it separately or leave it on the top and just take a little bit with each bite. The granola got too soft in the hot oats and I couldn’t taste it very much. 😦 Good to know!

After a nap and a shower, it was just about time for lunch.

027 - Copy

My very favorite salmon salad. (Which I’m about to put up on the recipe page!)

I started with a whole host of veggies: chopped zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, and carrots. I added half a chopped apple and half of a can of salmon (wild Alaskan salmon, available at Costco). I combined it all together with Greek yogurt and seasoned with salt and smoked paprika. Yummy! Served with a side of Kashi 7 Grain crackers as dippers…this was awesome. The veggies lend a lovely crunch, while the apple adds sweetness and the Greek yogurt binds it all.

032 - Copy

And who can forget my other obsession? Dark chocolate, the darker the better.

045 - Copy


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s cool about the rodeo being in town! The circus is in town here, and I got to walk right next to their train today when I was at the flea market. I can’t wait to try that salmon salad recipe, it looks so tasty!


  2. zbars are the best pre-workout snack. or really anytime snack 🙂 i love the honey graham one especially. you’re doing TNT? that is so great! such a great cause. i was training for the wildflower triathlon last yesr but had to drop out bc of health reasons, but i would LOVE to do it someday!


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