Back in the Sunshine

After a couple of weeks spent mostly working out in the gym, it felt so nice to get outside yesterday and work out in the sunshine! It was in the mid-60s and beautiful here yesterday…please don’t hate me. 🙂

So here’s a brief running history: training for my first half marathon, which was last October, went wonderfully. I made it through injury-free and had a great race. I started training again for half marathon #2, which was slated for January. But right around the time I finished my 12-miler and started to taper for the race, around the beginning of the year, I had a couple nagging injuries pop up.

If I ran any kind of medium-long distance, the inside of my right ankle would start to hurt. And then after running, my left knee would be sore for the rest of the day. I dropped my running frequency and mileage way down for a couple weeks and eventually decided not to run that half marathon in January. (Mostly because I am signed up to do another Team in Training event in June.) I saw a doctor last Friday, and thankfully my injuries are pretty minor and are due to a couple of muscle weaknesses. Basically, I need to strengthen my gluteus medius, particularly on my left side. When I run long distances, that muscle tends to tire quickly and my left leg starts to rotate inward, placing more stress on my knee. The ankle thing is due to a combination of my tendency to pronate a little bit and weak outer ankle muscles.

I have a specific set of exercises to do, and I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in about a month. In the meantime, I’m going to keep rehabbing, keep running (with low mileage) and continue my other weight training and cardio workouts as normal.

Anyway, yesterday was my first run since seeing the doctor and my first run of my official rehab period. (I did rehab exercises on Saturday, and my legs are still sore!) I took it super-easy, but it was so nice to be out there running again in the sunshine, without the black cloud over me that I might be hurting myself.

And when I run, I love how I’m a walking advertisement for Team in Training, thanks to my…

011 - Copy (17)

…bracelet (which says Team Endure Achieve Matter)…

014 - Copy (10)


016 - Copy (10)

…and shoe tag. Gotta represent TNT!

As for the run itself, my knee felt a little sore during but overall all was good. I iced it afterward and it was much, much less sore than it had been in the past. It normally would hurt if I kept it bent for any period of time, but yesterday it just hurt a little bit to go up and down stairs. A great sign!

So that run plus about a mile of walking and a 10-minute warm-up on the elliptical was my workout for the day! Check back later today to see today’s workout plus some eats!


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  1. […] is the longest I have run since my (injury-provoking?) 12-miler at the very end of December. (See this post for all the injury details.) Those four miles felt awesome. I kept just under a 10-minute-mile […]


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