Achy Breaky Legs

Today was a legs strength training day, and that combined with cardio and my rehab exercises left my legs pretty shaky. I went to the gym late this afternoon, which I’ve decided I don’t like as much as going in the evening because it was packed today. I squeezed out a little space next to the free weights and did this routine for my quads and hamstrings. (I went through the exercises three times.)

After that, I moved on to my rehab exercises (which I’ll address in more detail in another post) and did two sets of the following exercises.

  • Standing hip abduction: 60 lbs., 15 reps per side
  • Standing hip extension: 60 lbs., 10 reps per side
  • Bridge with marching: 15 reps per leg (I did this exercise on an exercise ball.)
  • Leg extension dips: 5 reps per leg (These were really difficult! I couldn’t find a link to this exercise, but my feet were on the floor and my head and shoulders were on an exercise ball, in a bridge position. Keeping the pelvis stable, slowly raise one leg straight out, parallel to the ground. Lower hips down as far as comfortable while maintaining stability, and then return to starting position.)

I finished my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical (while being entertained with Shape magazine and Iron Chef America on the TV). Thanks to all those leg workouts, I’m pretty sore this morning!


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