Welcome to Spreading the Health!

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Welcome to Spreading the Health! My name is Meghan, and I’ll be your pilot today. 🙂 I’m a 20-year-old student at a small private university in Texas. I have a little “blogging experience,” if you will, for I started Help Meghan Run last April to chronicle my journey as I trained for my first half marathon and raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (More info on that here.)

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I’ve always been a voracious writer and reader but just recently made the realization that writing is one of my passions. (Does that make sense?) If you ask anyone for his or her number one writing tip, I bet it would be to “write what you know.” And what do I know? How to be healthy while living in a college atmosphere.

Speaking of health, that is my other big passion. Under that broad umbrella resides food, fitness, and general wellness (which includes a healthy balance of all these aspects). I enjoy baking and cooking, as well as developing new, creative, healthy recipes and modifying traditional recipes to make them a little bit better for us. I love to run and work out, and educate people about health in any way.

I’m majoring in Political Science with a minor in Business, but only because my university doesn’t have a nutrition department. (I made my college choice before I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in nutrition.) So I am in the process of researching graduate schools where I can continue my nutrition education, eventually gain my Registered Dietitian credentials, and ideally, work as an entrepreneur in nutrition communications.

And just to get to know me a little better…

My favorite color: I can sometimes be indecisive. (Heck, that sentence was indecisive.) This comes in out in my inability to choose a favorite color. However, I do love blue and chocolate brown.

My proudest moment: Crossing the finish line at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (see picture above).

My worst habit: Eating cereal and/or granola out of their respective bags in my cabinet. 🙂

Likes: naps, magazines, running, granola, getting up early, almond butter, Gmail, being with my friends, putting things in parentheses and—wait for it—“em” dashes, watching/reading about sports, spontaneous dance parties

Dislikes: bugs, people who are mean, small planes


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